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poland prize powered by ŁSSE _ENbez tła
next (fourth) acceleration program of Lodz Special Economic Zone. This time we go a step further and provide support and services for foreign startups in the field of starting operations in Poland (soft-landing), development and acceleration in cooperation with chosen Business Partners.

Purpose of the Poland Prize program is to strengthen the Polish startup ecosystem by transferring innovative ideas, business culture and talents from abroad and creating the image of Poland as the country of first choice in Central and Eastern Europe for running a business by foreigner.

Re_source (Poland Prize)





Life Science

Re_source provides comprehensive support at three stages of cooperation:


soft-landing and development support for startups lasting up to 3 months, for which up to PLN 50,000 (about EUR 12,000) of financial support can be obtained


acceleration in cooperation with a chosen Business Partner, access to business, industry and investment mentors, knowledge transfers, knowledge and substantive background of LSEZ for cooperating startups and infrastructure dedicated to each of the leading industry paths. The product / service development period may last up to 10 months with financing of up to PLN  250,000 (about EUR 59,000)


post-acceleration activities related to the promotion and presentation of collaborators startups among the network of the Lodz Special Economic Zone (about 300 investors).
the City of Lodz

access to 5G infrastructure

We provide startups with access to the necessary infrastructure for individual areas of acceleration. In Lodz, in addition to the headquarters of the project, there are facilities in the form of 5G Lab.


CIC Warsaw Campus

Access to the modern office ecosystem available for startup, where innovators have their placefor development under one roof in the heart of Warsaw. 

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Opportunity to accelerate, collaborate and potentially commercialize with global brands and local business partners

and program



  • HR Tech for the IT/ICT industry
  • Telemedicine (Medical IT with 5G)
  • Sustainable Blockchain with 5G
  • Support for players (3D NVIDIA Geforce NOW platform)
  • Event platform
  • AI/ ML
  • AR/ VR
  • Edge Computing

Industry Partner: Ericsson


  • Production segment: production monitoring / optimization, new production technologies, supply chain, logistics, production analytics
  • Product segment: creating new products, new product databases, consumer analytics, product personalization, sales area
  • Raw materials segment: the use of new raw materials for the beauty industry

Industry Partner: Indigo Nails

VC Track

  • Energy (digitalisation, cybersecurity)
  • Circular Economy
  • Electromobility
  • 3D Print

Industry Partner: EEC Magenta

Life Science

Software focusing on: telemedicine, therapy support, data analytics and process automation, possibly hardware solutions.


Solutions using blockchain / DLT technology in terms of data tokenization, secure data sharing and improving the level of cybersecurity.


The area of automation and the link between Agritech and Life Science (functional food, solutions for vertical farms, soilless cultivation)


Combination of Life Science and Agritech themes with the possibility of use in the space industry

Industry partner: Vanir

How to apply

Apply via the form

The application form is available continuously

We will evaluate your application in terms of its formal and content

1 & 2 phase – content evaluation

Meet us and
our partners

We will invite selected projects to remote meetings for idea presentation and Q&A session

We have
a deal!

We will invite the best projects to participate in the re_source accelerator


A series of regular pitch sessions presenting projects to various groups such as companies, public institutions, R&D centers and others

Support for startups in the area of acquiring IT employees (including the University of Technology), Design (including the Academy of Fine Arts) and others

Group of implementation partners, description of resources and readiness for implementation, testing projects within the program

Identifying / selecting potential clients, preparing startups to work with Polish clients (and / or CEE clients), the specificity of companies, processes, cultural differences and others

Workshops and educational paths under acceleration (customer acquisition, fundraising, business development, product development, company strategy)

Developing networking mechanisms among startup founders and building the competences of startup founders as part of build better founders

A series of meetings connecting startups from the Poland Prize program with the best startups from the Lodz SEZ ecosystem

Access to interns for the duration of the program – interns work in the CIC co-working facility

Comprehensive support of the Lodz SEZ’s team


Recruitment Regulations for the Re_source

Appendices form Recruitment Regulations

archive documents

Recruitment Regulations for the Re_source_of 01.05.2022

Recruitment Regulations for the Re_source_of 18.11.2021

Appendices form Recruitment Regulations

Recruitment Regulations for the Re_source_of 20.09.2021

The total cost of the project: 13 050 760,00 PLN PLN
Co-financing PLN 12 546 968,00 as part of the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020, Measure 2.5 Acceleration Programs – Poland Prize of Priority Axis II: Support for the environment and potential of enterprises to conduct R&D&I activity

Project value Re_source: Global Acceleration Venture.

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