Startup Spark 2.0 - 12 partnerów biznesowych, ponad 60 startupów, 15 mln PLN

Trwa rekrutacja do akceleratora Startup Spark 2.0

Nabór do I rundy akceleracji trwa od 2.01.2019r do 20.02.2019r



Startup Spark

Startup Spark is an innovative project created in Lodz Special Economic Zone in cooperation with an experienced in acceleration team aiming to combine creative startups with an infrastructure and resources of large enterprises. In addition to standard methods of support (financing, mentors), we provide startups with access to high-class specialists (production teams) in order to have the best startup studios’ (venture builders’) practices implemented in the acceleration program.

Lodz Special Economic Zone

Lodz Special Economic Zone combines the potential of over 200 companies, spaces, logistics facilities and qualified experts. Startup Spark is one of the main pillars of the Zone's strategy up to 2025. It aims to provide support and create networks between young companies and large enterprises.

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